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Implant Dentistry

Replace missing teeth with a permanent natural looking solution

Titanium rooted dental implants are the greatest innovation in dentistry over the last 30 years.
Invented in Sweden by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Branemark, dental implants are now the gold standard for replacing missing teeth and elimating the need for dentures, paritals and bridges.

Dr. Stein was trained in implant dentistry in 1986 at the prestigious Center for Tissue Integration Prosthesis in Spokane, Washington. He is one of the first dentists in Los Angeles and one of the first 700 dentists in the world to perform these procedures. He has lectured on and has been on the forefront of implant technology and treatment for the last 30 years.

Planning, precision and excellence are essential for implant success and longevity.
Dr. Stein only works with the most trusted and qualified specialists when it comes to implant treatment and placement. The restorations and abutments created by Dr. Stein are carefully crafted to fit each individual and their aesthetic preferences. He does not use pre-fabricated or generic substitutions. By doing so, the chance of infection, complications or even implant failure is minimized. 

Actual Patients


Implant Solutions

  • Single tooth implant
  • Multi-teeth or quadrant implants
  • Full Arch Implants
  • All-On-4 Implants
  • Mini Implants
  • Zygomatic Implants (for patients with little jaw bone)
  • Immediate Implants

What are Implants and how do they work?

Implants replace missing teeth restoring dental function and aesthetics. They also prevent the loss of bone which can affect the surrounding healthy teeth. A titanium post or implant in placed into the jaw the bone. After it has integrated into the area an artificial tooth is created and connected to the titanium post with an abutment. The end result; beautiful permanent teeth that look and act as your own.

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